Splash into Turquoise

A turquoise pool begs for a splash.

Looking at a turquoise pool of water,

even without the splashing,

is refreshing somehow on a hot July afternoon, isn’t it?


Christian Dior said,

“The tones of gray, turquoise and pink will prevail.”

turquoise door

It’s definitely a summer color.

Turquoise is a friendly color that enjoys life.


Did you know that just looking at turquoise can calm you and bring about a feeling of relaxation?

It can improve your powers of concentration.

keep calm and..


“Our love was somewhere between blue and green.

I thought it was turquoise, and she thought it was teal,

and that’s ultimately why we broke up.

Well, that and she fell for a guy whose last name was Brown, of all colors.”

-Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages and the ageless sages.



Turquoise removes feelings of loneliness.

It increases our intuitive abilities

and opens the door to the spiritual growth of our souls.

urbanoutfitters sea horse

Turquoise, it is said, removes feeling of loneliness.

Writing a speech on turquoise shades of paper improves your memory and presentation of that speech.  Perhaps this is linked to blue being the color of our throat chakra.

Pretty things come in turquoise packages.

turquoise tiffany

chanel in turquoise

This quilt evokes a cool pool of water to me – like circles of light reflecting on a wet surface.

bulls eye nested quilt from accuquilt

I just finished this baby quilt for a new grandson – backed with a soft turquoise color.

baby quilt

A friend and I purchased these very similar kits for turquoise and white quilts. Now we just need a beach house where we can enjoy working on them together.

turquoise quilts

Janet Fitch, in White Oleander, wrote,

“She would be half a planet away,

floating in a turquoise sea,

dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar.”



I love the lyrical, mystical nature of that sentence.


turquoise umbrellas

Absorb some turquoise if it’s hot where you are.

Me? I’m with this bird – ready for a dip.

Ready to fall backward into the water.

turquoise with birds

Turquoise sings to us to cool off and play where it resides – somewhere joyfully between blue and green reveling in its counterpoint to soaring temps.

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