Spirituality, Health and Night Gardens

You’ve, no doubt, heard of vegetable gardens, rose gardens, herb gardens, flower gardens and perennial gardens.

But how about a night garden?


A night garden, a twilight garden, a moon garden? Any nocturnal name that suits you will do. Basically they are a space specifically created outdoors to linger in under the stars, in the moon’s glow, near fragrant night blossoms, soft sounds (perhaps trickling water, rustling leaves from light breezes, owls or crickets, croaking frogs or deep tubular wind chimes); a place to unwind and disconnect from the online hyperconnectivity indoors – or maybe the rattling, prattling newscasts around bedtime.

If you’ve followed me here for any length of time, you know I often write of and photograph gardens – especially flower gardens. The idea of a nightime garden oasis is a lovely concept to me but not one I’ve written about.

Until recently, that is.

It was truly a thrill for me to be able to share the why-tos and how-tos of creating a moonlight garden for publication in Spirituality and Health Magazine.

twilight garden

There are so many flowers that specifically save their fragrance for night and night pollinators and some that are more brilliant and suited for a moonlight garden – especially white flowers, silver grasses and textured plants which can all catch and reflect the moon’s glow.

Imagine fairy lights, candle light, soft accent lights and a peaceful place to connect with the universe.

S&H JulyAugust

The current issue (July/August 2014) of Spirituality and Health is on newstands now and my article made the cover of the magazine (which was a bit of a thrill for me). I hope, if you’re interested in this kind of garden, that you’ll pick up a copy and make a garden space of your own to enjoy at night.

The article includes a sidebar with ideas for those who may have a very small outdoor space with which to work.

moonlight garden 2nd pg

Don’t you love summer nights? They’re the cool, breezy, starlit reward for hot summer days.

And they’re fleeting. Tiptoe out and enjoy relaxing in twilight breezes while you can.

I wish you and I wish you and I wish you again – time in a night garden this summer.

It’s ethereal, soul-soothing and a perfect way to wind your way down into dreamy sleep.

Gardens nourish our health and feed our spirits – so being published in Spirituality and Health Magazine was a perfect fit, in my mind (and apparently the editor’s) for this piece.

I really enjoyed creating this piece and wanted to share the good news of its publication with you here.

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