Softly into the week.

I don’t like waking up late.

It’s so much nicer to ease softly into the day.

If we get up a little earlier, we afford ourselves that indulgence.

But is it an indulgence if we prepare for it, make an effort and adjust our time to afford it?

If we work for it, in other words?

I get up early so I can enjoy the ritual of steaming a cappuccino and taking a few minutes to enjoy it.

morning coffee

I have five minutes for spinal breathing (pranayama) before breakfast. It’s best done on an empty stomach.

This breathing practice energizes my body.

Are you a morning person who likes to take off from the gate…or do you step lightly into the day?

Either way, I wish you soft moments this week.

quiet near a stream

You might have to create them.

We often do. Like getting up a little earlier. Like dropping a few things from our to-do lists. Like learning to say no to some commitments – so that we can say yes to ourselves.

Do you consider some soft and gentle aspects in your home? Do you give quiet a space?

How about this this soft room?

soft cushions & Light

The soft ottoman, the soft chandelier, the gentle colors and the unobtrusive promise of all those books to be read are enticing. There’s a hint of a quiet garden just outside the French doors and pillows to embrace your back on the chair. I exhale fully just looking at it.

Our surroundings can certainly calm us. I’ve never understood how people can come home to a dwelling with junk and clutter in the yard, on the porch, and not one speck of beauty. They can physically come home, but where does their spirit land?

Think gentler thoughts about those you encounter.


Think softly about them.
Appreciate their contribution to your store of wisdom and rise above them.

Be soft with yourself.

Be soft and gentle toward life itself.

I watch the news and feel so frustrated and disturbed with the violence and hatred, prejudice and mean-speak – so gentility, from my perspective, is a worthwhile attribute to cultivate and make every effort to send out into my sphere of influence. For me, it’s finding a balance between knowing what’s going on in the world on one hand, and not dwelling on it or letting it consume my thoughts on the other.

Somewhere, somewhere, it and we have to push back.

Lean in?

To the chaos? To the grubbing and clawing and endless striving? To the violence and disregard for life?

No thank you.

Not me.

I’m pushing back.

Firmly. Steadfastly. But gently.

There is real strength in such a counterpoint of energy.

I softly, but firmly and knowingly promise.

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