pops of yellow and swaths of gray

Both of my sisters are realtors – one in Salt Lake City and one in Carlsbad.

I’m the writer. I’m in the middle of the three of us.

Go figure.

I’m always the kid sister bugging my sister in Carlsbad when we’re together to see model homes.

They’re like candy.

She always has a few to show me and kindly obliges (although I suspect she enjoys it as much as I do).

I wanted to share a few corners of this yellow and gray model with you today. Just for fun.

task room

How’s that for a work room, writing room, study room, whatever room?

And how’s this for a kitchen? The soft gray cabinets were so lovely and the space was so big! There’d be no butt-bumping moving between the cooking, prep, baking or clean up spaces in this kitchen.

yellow kitchen

Yellow, it is said, makes many people feel cheerful, energetic and happy,

yet too much of a bright yellow can cause fatigue and anxiety.


There was nothing in this house that would fatigue or cause anxiety for me.  Well, except to keep it clean.

Soft yellows are easy on the eye and more calming than bright shades.

I loved the combination of yellow pops of sunshine in this home soothed by swaths of gray.

Even outside the color scheme continued. You better enjoy yellow and relax into gray.


Is it gray? Or grey?

Gray is the more common spelling in America or countries that speak American English.

Grey is the more common spelling in England (UK) or countries that speak UK English.

Want a little mnemonic device to remember?

grAy is how it’s spelled in America
grEy is how it’s spelled in England


But I digress.  Words and spelling, syntax and dialects can distract me like that.

Yellow and gray. Isn’t this nice?


No profound wisdom today – just a fun peek at a nicely designed home.


Yellow and gray.

Warm and cool.

This is a color scheme that would do well in Oregon.

Yellow would serve as a counterpoint to the rain.

Hope you enjoyed!

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