of what do you write?

A writer must reflect and interpret his (her) society, his (her) world; he (she) must also provide inspiration and guidance and challenge. Much writing today strikes me as deprecating, destructive, and angry. There are good reasons for anger, and I have nothing against anger. But I think some writers have lost their sense of proportion, their sense of humor, and their sense of appreciation.

- E.B. White

“The Art of the Essay, Paris Review, 1969



Here at The Empty Nest Mom, I write most often of beauty.

There is so much of it in the world.

It’s not that I’m a Pollyanna,

it’s just that I don’t want to dwell on problems and negativity,

nor do I want to bring more of it into the world of my readers.

I know you know where to find it and perhaps,

like me,

you get a sense there’s too much of it as it is.

The world is too much with us.

I believe what we focus on expands.

I choose beauty.

Natural beauty.

Familial blessings.

Peace and wonder in nature.

Power and strength in who we are as women.

Keeping joy foremost in our consciousness.

Apparently E.B. White agrees.

And I like that:

I have always felt that the first duty of a writer was to ascend,

-to make flights,

carrying others along if he (she) could manage it.

To do this takes courage,

even a certain conceit.

- E.B. White,

remarks on receiving the National Medal for Literature.


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