What’s next?

next to come

Life is waiting everywhere,

the future is flowering everywhere,

but we only see a small part of it

and step on much of it with our feet.

-Hermann Hesse

German-Swiss Poet & Novelist


Nexting.  Have you heard this term?

The Urban Dictionary defines it as sending a text message to someone who is sitting right next to you; or to be done with someone whose dramatic or disloyal antics have driven you to the point where you can’t deal with them any longer. You “next” them, or delete them from your contacts.

But I read somewhere else,

that for the life of me I can’t remember where now,

that nexting is when you write what you’re looking forward to next.

Think about that in your particular circumstances for a minute.

What’s the “next” thing you’re looking forward to?

A comforting dinner that’s bubbling on the stove?

Lunch with a friend?

An afternoon to curl up and read a book?

A big trip to a far away location?

Getting your hair done?

A movie you’ve been wanting to see?

Finishing a project?

It doesn’t much matter what it is, only that we have things to look forward to in life.

It’s essential to our spirit to be hopeful and excited.

I’m thinking that even better than nexting, would be engaging in “nowing.”


As in now-ing.

As in noticing what is flowering, even if, or especially sometimes if, they’re delicate, whispering blossoms or moments.

Can you take a deep breath, smile on the exhale and just be in a good place now?

Nexting, hope and anticipation are nice.

But nowing, appreciating and being present to this day are even better.

Notice the life that is waiting and flowering now for you.


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