Speak up.

winds of change

Does it matter which direction you’re moving,

as long as you’re moving?

Are you growing?


Trying new things?

Seeing new places, or at least the same scenery but with fresh eyes?

I’ve long appreciated the insight that it’s not what we look at that matters,

it’s what we see.

And so, how do you see yourself?

Aging and losing appeal

or thriving and being better than ever in ways that really count?

As women, we’re always coming of age.

Over and over again we blossom and bear fruit

and cycle through quiet and dormancy

before standing tall and strong in a new place.

Better for what came before.

Richer and more sovereign.

You can’t shortcut that.

In 2013, my “word” for the year was twirl.

I wanted to focus on joy and beauty

and opening my arms to take it all in,

absorbing it down to my soul’s center

and heart’s delight.

I have a new word this year.

One that was refined through contemplation and composting

until it eventually emerged,

speaking to my heart.

It’s a right fit for the growth I know I need right now.

That word is Speak.

As in speak up,

speak out,

state your name,

stand in your place.

Speak as in speak kindly.

I want to uplift those around me.

And speak with my writing.

The way I write,

if I’m writing my truth and sharing my experience

for the benefit of others,

is not self-indulgent.

It’s sharing my voice.

I want to speak up

when other’s complaining literally weighs me down.

I feel myself compressing beneath their words.

I want to speak up

stop the negative flow if it’s too much

and turn it on its ear.

It’s not that I don’t care,

but I have to stop listening and twist it,

twirl it,

to positivity and hope.

I’m also changing the look of this blog.


In fact, it’s in the works.

When I started writing here, almost 3 years ago,

being an empty nest mom was all around me.

I wrote my way out of it here.

I have reveled in a very full life

now that the nest has emptied.

I’m still an empty nest mom,

as we all contain that of which has been deposited into who we are presently.

But my children have flown

and some are having children of their own,

others are traveling the world

and all are past the stage of being fledglings.

And I’m finding it time to be me.



Not someone’s mother, wife,

daughter, sister,


Although all are unbelievably rich roles and blessings.

But I’m focusing on being a woman standing in our space.

womanSitting in a seat of wisdom and joy.

I do hope you’ll come along with me and stand taller for the journey.

Here’s to speaking our truth in 2014.





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