January gifts

purple photo from purple girlHave you noticed the pretty pastels of a winter sky? Sometimes just a whisper of pink in the clouds in the morning? My daughter took this picture in Alaska. No photo-shop. Just a beautiful purple sky serving as a backdrop to a leafless black winter tree’s silhouette.

Icy drizzle and pelting rain was falling when I was in the left turn lane to get to Trader Joes.  Two twenty-something young men were at the curb by the gas station to my right, hoodies pulled up around their faces, one crouching with a gas can in his hand and the other standing behind him, holding a cardboard sign that I’m sure was asking for gas money.  I admit to shaking my head a bit at them for their carelessness in running out, wondering how far away their car was and wondering if they really wanted the money for gas.

bmw in the rain

Two women, one middle aged, one quite elderly drove up to the curb in a 700 series BMW, about to pull into traffic. They were talking to each other and I wondered what the boys thought of them in their expensive car, when, to my surprise, the woman driving motioned to the boys to go back and fill their gas can – that she’d left enough $$ behind to pay their way out of their muddle. The way the boys jumped up, smiled, said “thank-you! thank you!” and ran to the shelter of the gas pumps warmed my heart.

Was it really my place to judge and condemn?

How easily that could have been one of my sons in trouble in the rain.

I need to work more toward having my natural reaction be to help. Just help.

A lesson can be a gift.

grandmothers interfere

Downton Abbey started up again; Season 4. That’s a gift worth waiting for in January.

bright spot in januaryAnd I fell in love with this pretty perfume bottle lid. Lovely little gift shops are fun to meander through.

No need to buy anything; like this Toca collection of candles and perfume bottles that are delightful enough just to look at, touch and smell. This fragrance is “Stella.”

What little surprises and heart warmers have you been enjoying this month?

It may be a quiet and subtle, gray and winter month – but it certainly contains its own charm and lends itself to absorbing little things, teaching moments and nature’s whispers.

I wish you all three of these, and anything else you open up to on your own.




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