An Autumn Friend

I have a girlfriend who is the essence of fall. She has a November birthday. She enjoys everything about autumn. She lives on Autumn Circle. How appropriate for her.

When visiting her recently, I snapped photos of some of the whispers of autumn sprinkled throughout her house.

Want to look at that close up? She’s twisted wire and created the swirly, fun designs on the pumpkin’s surface.

She’s so creative.

These fall leaf wool felt pillows? Yes. She made them.

Aren’t they all lovely? Do you have a friend who enjoys decorating for the seasons? One who seems to especially shine during a particular season? Do you? Do you favor winter? summer? spring? fall? Have you ever thought one’s favorite coincides with one’s month of birth?

Nature paints the perfect palate for autumn. By November, chilly winds have pulled the last remaining leaves from trees in Colorado. The carpet beneath my feet outdoors these days is crunchy and crackly. But for those  indoors places, I appreciate a friend like mine whose home is a canvas, painted with such care and beauty. Such attention to detail.

Her November birthday? It’s today. Happy Birthday friend! Thanks for being, really, a four seasons friend.

Cookies from Sweet Ambs on Etsy.

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