From Farm to Table

the empty nest mom photoEating from farm to table – with nary a stop in between – is a healthy way to eat.  If we grow a garden, we can eat food that came from within inches of our table. When we shop at farmer’s markets or check where the produce and meats we purchase come from, we’re healthier and more conscious for it.

photo credit: outstanding in the field

Are you familiar with Outstanding in The Field? It’s their mission to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it.

So their name is a bit of a play on words – because they prepare and set up and dine – literally out. standing. in. the. field.  And they’ll set up tables that snake and wind through gardens, or line up between vineyard or orchard rows. And they’re doing it all over the world. Their website is fun to follow – you can “follow the bus” to see where their latest table is being set. It may be coming soon near you.

I love the idea of supporting local farmers.  My daughter and granddaughter and I went to a local farm here in Colorado – to get fresh, organic eggs.  It’s located in Kiowa – east of where we are in Castle Rock.  Erika, (a real live pioneer woman) had chickens who wandered around and flittered away when we came too near.

Erika sells beautiful eggs.

the empty nest mom photoI did this little before and after comparison for you so you could see the difference in the eggs bought from a big chain grocery store and from her sweet, fresh farm in Kiowa.

the empty nest mom on fresh eggsAnd here after hard boiling them – same pan, same cooking time:

Not as uniform. But they’re not as processed. And they’re such a richer color. The taste difference? Big.

She also has chickens for meat and 12 little turkeys who will be “ripe” (oh dear) by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.  There were 2 cute little piglets.

the empty nest mom photoErika has several rescue horses and llamas.  It’s obvious she loves these animals.

The quote on her website reads:

We can judge the heart of a man

by his treatment of animals.

-Immanual Kant

And speaking of cute little things… she’s also raising and loving two very adorable children who followed us around, sometimes led us around and smiled and climbed and played while we visited.

the empty nest mom photo

the empty nest mom photoThis big eyed Jersey sauntered over.  She’s pregnant and due very soon.

the empty nest mom photoAnd we met goats. Lots of goats. They produce goat milk and Erika’s learning to make goat cheese.

the empty nest mom photoThis woman works hard. Thank you, Erika, for taking the time to show us around, when I know you had tons, and tons and tons of other things to do.

the empty nest mom photoVisit a local farm when you get the chance. If you live anywhere near the area in Colorado – look up Heartsong Farm. It gives you great respect for the work that goes into producing the food you put on your table. It also instills a desire to support local farms and makes the prepackaged frozen stuff in huge supermarkets pale in comparison. Actually – there is no comparison.

Do you grow a garden? There’s nothing sweeter than lettuce you’ve clipped from just above the dirt, or as potent as herbs you take from your own pots. Tomatoes pulled from the vine? Oh my goodness.

photo credit: apartment therapy

Are there “farm to table” restaurants where you live? I think there should be a “farm to table,” ie, fresh food category to search for in our GPS.

the empty nest mom photoWe tried a restaurant in downtown Denver a couple weeks ago: The Kitchen. They’ve been in Boulder for a while and recently opened another in Denver. It’s a restaurant that espouses the farm to table concept. My daughter and I had lunch there and split two entrees. They were both freshalicious. Just perfect.

the empty nest mom photo

Buratta Cheese, Olive Oil & Spring Greens on Brushetta

the empty nest mom photo

Escarole, goat cheese and pecan salad

Summertime is the easiest time to eat seasonally, organically and locally. I’m here wishing you freshness and eating close to the moment all summer long.

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