25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

It’s cold.  It’s hot. Temperatures change day to day. Well they even change drastically morning to evening here in the Rocky Mountain foothills this time of year.  A scarf is a great tie on, tie off layering accessory.

pink silkYou’re tired of wearing black and navy and grey? Then you probably reach for a colorful scarf because it’s a nice way to add a pop of, you called it – color!

yellow and purpleI have many scarves.  I’m attached to some because of who gave them to me.  I feel sort of like a Pan-Am stewardess when I wear this one.

blue and whiteSome came from far away – like this one my sister brought me all the way from Italy. Such pretty lace.

italian scarfSome are heavy and some are light and I think they all add something. My problem with scarves though, is that I know only, like, three ways (and that’s tops) to tie them.  Are you like me?  Then see if this video doesn’t deliver.  It’s fun, it’s informative, and you’ll learn 25 ways to tie a scarf – in only 4.5 minutes from this adorable woman.  You’ll enjoy it the first time and it’ll be right here for a reference if you need to refer to it again. Isn’t that nice?

Here’s to springtime and the bit of pazazz that a scarf can give you – now in 25 different ways.

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