What did you do today?

He had gone his way this morning and I had gone mine and now at the end of the day, he asked,

“What did you do today?”

Well, I thought, I DID start out with a long to-do list…..didn’t I?

I seem to remember it was filled with some corporate work that needed to be finished, sheets that needed to be folded, winter clothes that needed to be pulled and then vacuum packed for the summer months ahead, and 3 bedrooms that needed dusting and vacuuming, and that mirror in the hallway so needed some Windex.  I know I meant to sew a few buttons buried deep in a pocket of that navy blue coat, and one of the Ohio Stars in an Eddie Bauer quilt has a tear that I was going to mend. Oh -and there were those folders that needed to be made up for tax purposes and receipts to organize but:

lilac buds I was distracted by lilac buds in the front yard about to burst

nest window displayand then I joined up with daughters and granddaughters and we just had to go in and check out this oh so cute Nest store in Denver (I mean, please, come on!). And when we stepped back outside, I caught one granddaughter gettin’ cozy with her new Aunt from Chile,

nesting carolina and brookeand then there was the distraction of my oldest daughter totin’ her sweet baby girl

and while I didn’t check anything that needed to be done off the to-do list, we were like kids in a candy store….oh wait, we WERE kids in a candy store/little coffee shop in Littleton

 and we lingered a long time over frothy, whipped cups of yum-yum and female conversation.

So, what did I do today?  Well I guess what I didn’t do was get caught up or mired in the busy-ness of life.  What I DID do, was take a few long, slow walks window shopping, enjoyed long laughs and held onto long, lingering hugs.  That’s what I did today.

So how about you? When’s the last time you had not just a morning, not just an afternoon, but dare I say, a whole day of doing nothing you were “supposed” to do? Nothing on any list.  Totally out of the proverbial box. You probably remember it.  Because, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that these are the ones that remain in our hearts and stay securely but oh so softly in our memory. Don’t you agree?

I thought about his question, and in reply, I’d say I nested and soared freely through an empty nest mom’s perfect springtime day.

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