Hat Trick at Nordstrom

nordstrom hat tricks

Look what I found at Nordstrom – and quite by surprise.  I was out shopping with my daughter-in-law and on our way to the scarves, we passed these fun hats.  But – they’re not really hats at all.  Just head accessories, I guess you’d call them.  So it was a hat trick!  Carolina, my DIL pictured here, easily attached one after another to her hair with the little comb things like you sometimes see on headbands.

hats in blue

How cute is that?  They look like hats but are so much simpler and so much more affordable.  These ranged from $32 to $60-something-ish.  There were simpler ones – with just a little bit of netting and in softer colors but we were having fun with the colors and the wilder ones.  Wouldn’t they be perfect for a spring or summer wedding?

hat clips at nordstrom

Do you ever wear hats?  Would you like to?  We don’t see them or don them enough, in my opinion.  I throw on a hat sometimes when I’m out and about in the summer.  And I wear a big floppy one when I’m poolside.  Of course there’s the type from REI by NorthFace or Columbia that we wear when doing some serious hiking in hot, summer weather for sun protection.  And the old classic American stand-by – the baseball cap.

But I was delighted to come across these romantic, really very pretty hair pieces in Nordstrom the other day.  Of course, it helps if you’re as cute as a button like my daughter-in-law.  However, just wearing one of these, I think, would make anyone feel cute as a button.  And who doesn’t love buttons?


Hats, because they’re so seldomly worn for going out to a nice dinner, cocktail, or going to church, or even for more formal events like weddings or graduations, have a vintage, nostalgic feel.

vintage hats

Do you like vintage looks?  In decor, beauty, fashion?  Do you wear it or use the look in your home?  I like it.  Especially when paired with contemporary lines.  I like the mix.

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