So Many Mommy Blogs

Maybe it’s because I have two grandchildren on the way that I’ve been noticing.  My daughter steers me to different Mommy blogs every week.  She’s expecting in May.

She has already blessed me with my one and only grandchild – Brooke Nicole. 

Here we are in front of the Maroon Bells in the beautiful state of Colorado where we are lucky enough to live. 

Now she’s expecting again, but moving to Oregon soon after the baby’s arrival in May.  What a cruel twist of fate.

Anyway, back to the Mommy blogs. 

I know we don’t stop being Mom’s just because our children are grown.  There’s a lot of learning still to be had regarding mothering of grown children.  We are still influential.  We are still relevant. 

I’ve weathered a divorce from my children’s father that ended up being a train wreck.   I’ve since remarried.  I’ve since been a partner in a business.  I’ve since written a few children’s books and recently completed a Young Adult novel that I’m in the process of editing right now.  I’ve been traveling.  I’ve left old friends behind and made new friends.

I left my religion of 30 years  behind and have been exploring and finding a comfortable, “feels right” place for my spirit.

My children live in Colorado, California, Oregon and currently my “baby” is in South Korea with the US Air Force. 

I know there are other women like myself who want community, who may not be able to find it on line because “mommy’s” all seem to be those mothers dealing with little ones under their roof.  Lucky them – those were fantastic years. 

But so are these.  There are magical things to discover, time to find them, bodies to take care of and encourage when they remind us they’re aging, hormones that need taming, sisters we finally have opportunites to get together with, fashion designed just for us, grandchildren to look forward to, enjoy, spoil and shop for, passions and interests to pursue and romance to keep alive.  Lucky us!

So, I’m starting this Mommy blog, for those of us who are seasoned moms.  Dames.  Mature American women who look forward to all that floats outside the nest.

Welcome.  I look forward to getting to know you better and hear what you’re discovering as well.

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